Merry Christmas
from Molly & Wayne Hughes

Dear Friends,

During this important time of year, we’re surrounded by joy, love, and generosity. It is all a wonderful reminder of the true source of the season’s light — the birth of Christ.

He offers a shining example of how we should live and lead, not only this time of year but each and every day. Loving our neighbors means understanding their struggles, serving with humility, and sharing what we can with those in need around us.

The celebration of Christ’s birth also reminds us that giving and loving need not be expensive or complicated. A gift of time is priceless — reading with a cherished child, cooking a meal with extra love, or offering a few hours of volunteer time for a cause that’s near to your heart. Finding opportunities to gather with friends and family reminds us of that which is truly the most important: peace, love, and connection.

In Wyoming, resilience and faith are essential pieces of our lives. Our close-knit communities thrive because we care for one another in moments of need. Together, through compassion and grace, we overcome countless challenges. For so many of us, faith in God is a guiding star that leads us onward in offering support and kindness to all of our neighbors.

In the spirit of joy and peace, we wish you and yours a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
Molly & Wayne Hughes