Pride in Our Heritage: The Importance of Sharing in Tradition

Rendezvous, ropings, and rodeos. Local celebrations and livestock sales. 4-H camps and county fairs.

There are so many ways to celebrate Western heritage in Wyoming!

Wyoming was established as the 44th state in the summer of 1890. By 1905, her people were ready to celebrate their still newfound statehood with the very first Wyoming State Fair in Douglas, Wyoming.

Over the years, the Wyoming State Fair, as well as many of the enduring local fairs and celebrations, has served as a direct and unwavering connection to Wyoming’s past, providing opportunity for and giving importance to a way of life lost in other parts of the country.

“These cultural celebrations of our heritage give us connection to our Western story, reminding us of the wildness still found in our state, and providing us with the opportunity to recognize the beauty and spirit of tradition,” says Molly Hughes, Executive Director of the Hughes Charitable Foundation. “I hope that everyone who reads this blog is able to attend one of the many amazing cultural events listed, and can immerse themselves in the enduring history of the spectacular communities across Wyoming.”

Get inspired by Western makers and artisans, hardworking 4-H youths with their prized livestock or other projects, and the lively character of the American cowboy – reconnect with the spirit of the West and the energy that makes our state so great!

August 15 – 19
Douglas, Wyoming