Blazing New Trails: Connecting Wyoming with People-Powered Transportation

You have that favorite route where you walk your dog that is passable regardless of weather conditions. Or perhaps you live to ride your bikes year-round and appreciate the groomed fat bike trails popping up across the state. However you move, Wyoming Pathways is clearing the way, discovering solutions to keep you open to the vast Western sky and loving your people-powered transportation.

Their organization helps with the planning, strategy, and advocacy for all things pathway-oriented—this includes complete streets, dirt mountain single track, paved sidewalks, and groomed corduroy snow. Their goal is to make these trails safer, better, and more accessible for all Wyomingites, encouraging vibrance across the state by opening doors to the possibility of movement.

“Increasing and improving trails and paths across Wyoming brings a multitude of benefits to our communities. It promotes active lifestyles and physical well-being, encourages outdoor recreation and tourism, enhances community connectivity, boosts local economies through increased visitor spending, fosters environmental stewardship and conservation, provides safe transportation alternatives, and contributes to overall quality of life for residents by offering accessible opportunities for exercise, relaxation, and social interaction,” lists Grace Templeton in charge of Community Engagement at Wyoming Pathways. “Investing in trails and paths not only enriches the fabric of our communities but also creates lasting positive impacts for generations to come.”

Digging deeper, Templeton explains that their work “fosters economic growth by attracting tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, thereby benefiting local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and shops. It enhances recreational activities for residents like hiking, mountain biking, trail running, walking, cross-country skiing, horseback riding, and more. Access to outdoor recreation promotes a healthier lifestyle and improves mental well-being. Conservation efforts also benefit as well-maintained trails can help protect natural habitats and wildlife. Furthermore, the community as a whole benefits from improved connectivity and access to nature, fostering a sense of environmental stewardship and community pride.”

With so many incredible projects already completed (some you might even take advantage of in your own community!) and more on the horizon, the Hughes Charitable Foundation can’t wait to see what new kinds of incredible opportunities Wyoming Pathways can help create in our state.

“One project we are particularly excited about is the Pole Mountain Connector Trail near Laramie,” shares Templeton. “We expect construction to start later this year, and when complete, Laramie residents will be able to walk or ride from town on trails to the Happy Jack Parking Lot. This project will reduce barriers to outdoor recreation while also keeping pedestrians and bicyclists safe by eliminating the need to be on the road with motor vehicles. Thanks to grant funding from the Hughes Charitable Foundation, we have been able to spread our reach to new communities like Lovell, Casper, Pinedale, Douglas, Riverton, Sheridan, and more.”

No matter the season, Wyoming Pathways wants to make sure YOU can get outside, absorb a little Vitamin D, and get a positive mental health boost from the fresh air and inspiring Wyoming landscape.

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