Hughes Charitable Foundation Announces $15 Million Challenge Grant to Build Homes for Teton Habitat in Northern South Park

Launch of Fundraising Campaign Begins within Hours of Yes Vote by Commissioners


JACKSON, WY - The Hughes Charitable Foundation today announced a $15 million challenge grant for Teton Habitat to spark a fundraising effort for building Habitat homes in Northern South Park under new zoning regulations approved by Teton County Tuesday.

Teton County Commissioners approved land development regulations that aim to incentivize housing with over 70 percent of the allowed units guaranteed for affordable and workforce homes. The vote came after years of review as well as a unanimous approval by Town and County electeds in 2022 of an overall vision of this Northern South Park neighborhood area.

Within hours of the Commission’s vote Tuesday, the Hughes Charitable Foundation said it wanted to give confidence to the community and honor the commissioners’ leadership. “We want the commissioners to know we are grateful for their leadership and that the philanthropic community is ready with support, right out of the gate,” said Molly Hughes, HCF’s executive director.

“A rising tide lifts all boats and this positive momentum is real. We encourage philanthropic support to each of the non-profit developers, Teton Habitat and the Community Housing Trust of Jackson Hole. Both of these entities are worthy of your help – whether it be in financial gifts or volunteering with ‘sweat equity.’ Please join us in giving what you can. The entire Jackson Hole community – from elected leaders to those currently underhoused – should have confidence that the charitable and philanthropic community is prepared and ready to help get the job done,” she added.

“The leadership by the County Commissioners is admirable,” said Wayne Hughes, board chairman of HCF. “The commissioners’ leadership comes at an important time, following years of work and study for people in need. The Hughes Charitable Foundation is emboldened by that leadership and it moves us now to support those members of our community most in need, the people uniquely served by Teton Habitat. True affordable home ownership for 43 percent of the JH community that qualifies is Teton Habitat’s mission. I hope HCF stepping up to help inspires others to give as well. We can do this together.”

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